Testimonials From Our Students

This is just a sampling of what our students are saying about their training...

"Wow! And, double-wow!! What an awesome course! I can't think of a better step I could have taken to promote love, healing and heightened awareness in my life- ultimately empowering myself!... As a result of my practicum at SBHTCTM (thus far) I no longer smoke, am losing weight, and have begun to address anxiety issues that have long been holding me back. Thank you for helping me see, for setting me free... For those of you considering this wonderful hypnotherapy course: Congratulations! Do not hesitate. I highly recommend it!"

Holly D

"...this Social Worker proudly announces that the above listed training was, by far, the best received to date. The course was professionally delivered rich with theory, tools for application, and research to back the practice of hypnotherapy. What distinguishes the SBHTCTM is the positive, loving, supportive compassionate environment generated by the faculty. Overall rating for this course: SUPERIOR."

Michelle. O. LICSW CPT, MS, USA Social Work Officer

"I have come away feeling very prepared and confident at conducting hypnosis. You have obviously done your job at conveying the information that I feel this way. Thank you.

Pamela G.

"SBHTCTM was the best experience I have had all my life. I felt the instructors truly involved with the welfare of the students. They explained everything in the simplest form and they made time for everyone of us and our questions. I feel truly well trained and confident now that I'm starting with my own clients. I spent a year researching different hypnosis schools and they didn't convince me, until I saw SBHTCTM and was convinced as soon as I finished reading their webpage. It was the best decision I have made in my life and am truly thankful for their inspired teachings and for being there for me even now that my two-week course has been over for some months! It was purely great."

Beatrice M. Mexico