Sylvia has trained hypnotists in Spiritual Counseling and Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a tool that allows you to explore your past lives for the purpose of personal research, discovery and healing. Many phobias and illnesses (physical or emotional) are directly related to a past life. When a conscious connection is made, healing begins. As Spiritual Counselors using our Gnostic philosophy, we can guide you to The Other Side where it is possible to communicate with your Spirit Guide gaining insight into this life.

Sylvia's certified hypnotists are offering this service in any city that has twenty-five registered people.

Hypnosis a relaxed state of peaked awareness where you are in full control of yourself at all times. Hypnosis is not a state of unconsciousness.

Scheduled Cities
Click Here for the hypnosis/regressions schedule.

San Jose/San Francisco area
Click Here for hypnosis/regressions in the San Jose/San Francisco area.

Washington State/Seattle area
Click Here for hypnosis/regressions if you live in the Washington State/Seattle area.

Required Forms to Read and Sign

The following four forms are required for a One on One Hypnosis/Past Life Regression Session. Please download all four forms and sign where indicated. All four forms (listed below) are included in a single file.

  • Hypnotherapy Disclosure Form
  • Regression Expectations Form
  • Refund Policy
  • Confidential Client Form

Please print and fill out these four forms completely and sign where indicated.

Estimated Costs
In office Behavioral Modification Hypnosis - $250
In office Past Life Regression - $250

The cost of hypnosis services in cities not listed above depends on travel expenses. Estimated cost for most cities is $350. Fees are listed in calendar for Scheduled Cities.