Compliments/Grievance Procedure

Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Training Center provides hypnosis training and hypnosis services and referrals to SBHTC Certified Hypnotists. It is our goal to support both our hypnotists and clients in their spiritual goals.

If a client has a compliment regarding a hypnotist, please send us a letter or e-mail listing the hypnotist's name, date of services received and City/State/Province the services took place. Please write in detail your compliment regarding the service you received. We will make sure that the hypnotist receives a copy of your communication.

If a client has a complaint that they feel SBHTC should be made aware of, we ask that they follow the procedure listed below. As we take all complaints seriously, we ask that you follow the procedure in full. Our Board of Directors will investigate and determine what if any disciplinary action is appropriate.

Please contact the hypnotist directly and express your concerns directly with that hypnotist. If after you have communicated directly with that hypnotist, and your complaints have not been met with satisfactory resolution, please contact our office following our grievance procedure.

After contacting the hypnotist directly, please file your grievance in writing including the following information.

  • Include your name, phone number and contact information so that we can follow up with you
  • Include the hypnotist's name, date of services received and location of services
  • Include in full detail your complaint, including details of what happened during your session

After receiving your communication, we will investigate. Please be aware that because we respect the privacy of our clients and hypnotists, you may not be given the details of any disciplinary action. However, this should not be interpreted as a lack of action or concern on the part of SBHTC Board.